RBC Life Sciences(美商泰康生命科学股份有限公司)设立“电子钱包”Hyper Wallet和paylution,非法在中国招募传销人员,以虚拟的香港地址向大陆内地走私过期保健品,发展传销诈骗组织,会员遍布哈尔滨、长春、延吉、锦州、营口、北京、天津、青岛、济宁、武汉、苏州、莆田、龙岩、合肥、成都、乐山、重庆、鄂尔多斯、广州、深圳等地,社会危害极大。

U.S. Direct Sale Company RBC Life Sciences' Crime Evidence in China

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U.S. Direct Sale Company RBC Life Sciences' Crime Evidence in China

The recent rumors of RBC Life Sciences's (located in Irving, Texas, United States) crime of illegal cross province multilevel marketing and smuggling actions has been prove.

On September, 2011 RBC Life's vice president of marketing, Kevin B. Young issued a command to the Chinese marketing ring, under his requirements, to complete the W-8BEN form. (Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding), with the signing date of 1-1-2011.

Kevin B. Young commissioned fellow Ring Leaders like Wendy Zhu, David Zhang, and Jacky Tan to forward the command after it is issued. His letter says: “We are not licensed to do business in China and do not wish to violate any laws. Any personal sales done after June are not eligible for commissions.”

Over the past year, RBC in variety of illegal mean has been issuing commissions to the mainland marketing ring. Yet, being insidious and hypocritical, Kevin B. Young still used words like “...do not wish to violate any laws...” as a cover up. According to reports, immediately after Kevin issued the W-8 command, he, David Zhang, and Ben Chen planned for the next step. Using “registering with Hong Kong address” as cover to cont. expand their multilevel marketing, smuggling, and fraudulent illegal actions.

Many in the fields complained incidents like missing products, expired products, overcharges, and incorrect commission calculation ever since Kevin B. Young took charge of RBC's Marketing. Many RBC products no longer show expiration date, the product labels are unreadable and easy to smear.

The W-8BEN letter was issued on September, 2001, but within Young ruled that all mainland associates must fill out date as 1-1-2011, to cooperate with his fraud. However this also left clear evidence difficult for him to deny in the future.

Unknown to Kevin Young, many of the mainland associates did not see his scheming letter, even it's been translated. Wendy Zhu, David Zhang, and Jacky Tan unauthorized withheld the V.P. letter and making associates fill-out fake U.S. address like, 36-20 Bowne Street 1K, Flushing, NY 11354 or 142-26 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing, NY 11354 etc..

The mainland associates cannot distinguish the causes of many painful incidents weather it's from the company or the ring leaders. Even leaders like Jinghua Zhu, Weidong Chen, Geng Xu, Ping Yang, and Xiaoqi Liao complained and called RBC Life is a company of scammers.

Wendy, David, and Jacky claimed RBC products to be the product of the century, manufactured with Nano cluster technology, smaller that human cells. Yet when dissolved in water, almost every product leave residues worse than common instant coffee. None of the RBC product but spirulina has USDA ORGANIC prove.

Inside source from a Miss Tiffany Yin says, during RBC’s 20th celebration party, merely 50 people showed up, composed of friends, family and employees. She quoted Kevin B. Young “80% of our product are sold to China, because no one wants them in the States. We are very excited for the Asian market.”

Why the little interest in U.S., if RBC’s product truly does what they advertised? In truth, ring leaders like Wendy, David, and Jacky, whom we call fleas of multilevel marking, targeted RBC as their next tool because they sensed the youth of this company, the leaks and loopholes within management, and a company desperate to consolidate excess inventory or soon-to-expire inventory can grant them the ability to make demands and pressure the company any way they wish.


(This translated text from Willie)

美国德克萨斯州传销公司RBC Life Sciences(美商泰康生命科学股份有限公司)是全球罕见的拒不标示产品保质期的保健品生产商。RBC Life Sciences负责市场和销售的副总裁Kevin Young在一份书面声明中辩解称,美国FDA和GMP并没有要求RBC Life Sciences制造和销售的保健品一定要标示保质期。Kevin Young告诉传销人员,2011年3月以后,RBC Life Sciences公司在产品外包装上只标示生产日期,大家可以自行推算,大部分保健品的保质期为两年,其中液体类的和益生菌类产品的保质期为一年。不过,RBC Life Sciences某些产品如Sango Coral Calcium(桑格珊瑚钙)等甚至也不标示生产日期,原因是Sango Coral Calcium的产地是曾经发生严重核污染的日本,RBC Life Sciences显然不愿意被人推算这些产品在是日本核灾难发生之前还是之后出产的。


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RBC Life Sciences(美商泰康生命科学股份有限公司)保健品都没有通过中国食药质检管理局的检查。一些产品没有标示保质期,另一些则是改期的过期产品。有人吃了RBC Life Sciences保健品半年后得癌症死了。



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